Xmas Joker

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About Xmas Joker Online Slots

For many, Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It is a time of getting together with family, exchanging gifts, and celebrating generosity. Christmas is not always a serious event, however, and there are plenty of ways fun can be had during the holiday. This is the main aim of Xmas Joker, a slot that, while being based on the Christmas holiday, attempts to make light-hearted fun of some of the aspects of Christmas. The game is bright and colourful, and features aesthetics that many will recognise straight away. Set against a green background with a red ribbon bordering the reels, all the symbols in Xmas Joker are based on famous Christmas themes.

The manufacturer behind Xmas Joker is Play N Go, a developer known for making games that are available on all platforms. This is not the case with Xmas Joker, however, as the game is designed specifically for desktop computers. Featuring 5 reels and 5 paylines, the core game is simple and traditional, and only contains one main bonus feature, in the form of a free spins bonus. Xmas Joker can be found for free online, and can additionally be played for real money.

Playing Xmas Joker

Xmas Joker comes with 8 different symbols, with 7 of them being the standard value symbols, and the other two associated with the free spins bonus. The lower value symbols in Xmas Joker are made up of gingerbread men, while blue ribbons are the next in line. From here, players will find Christmas tree decorations, golden bells, and finally stars having the highest value. The paytable option allows players to see the values of each symbol, along with the rules of the game and the potential combinations that players are able to land.

The gameplay of Xmas Joker is fairly standard, and seasoned players will immediately recognise the various options found underneath the reels. Betting is done through the long betting selection at the bottom of the screen, where players can scroll through the different options until they find an amount that suits them best. On either side of the betting selection are the spin and autoplay buttons, which the player can use to start up the game. The spin button is used manually for each round, while the autoplay allows the player to choose from a range of numbers that will make Xmas Joker spin automatically for the selected amount.

Xmas Joker Free Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus feature in Xmas Joker is the only bonus content that players will find. In order to receive the free spins, players will need to land at least three scatters, which are depicted as the titular Xmas Joker. With three of these scatters, players will automatically receive ten free spins, which will begin straight away. While the free spins bonus rounds are active, there is a chance that a special gift symbol will land somewhere on the reels. Landing this symbol three times grants an additional ten free spins, which are added to the total free spins amount. Conversely, if only two of these gift symbols land, the player will be given a multiplier that is applied to the overall total bet for the current round.

Xmas Joker Verdict

Xmas Joker is a light-hearted slot that is meant to bring out the more fun and joyous side of the Christmas holiday. Players that enjoy anything to do with Christmas may find Xmas Joker an entertaining experience.

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Wizard of Gems

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About Wizard of Gems Online Slots

Wizards of Gems is a slot created and powered by developer Play N Go, and focuses on themes of magic, with colourful gemstones being the centrepiece of the game. The game features the ever-popular cascading reels, where the reels fall into place as the rounds progress as opposed to the traditional spinning reels. Thanks to this, as well as multipliers that can be earned while playing the game, it is possible to keep a constant multiplier of at least 5x running throughout rounds, which is added to the higher chance of landing combinations thanks to the cascading reels.

Wizard of Gems is available across an array of different platforms, from the desktop to mobile phones and tablets. Play N Go is known for making slot games that are compatible on just about any device, and Wizard of Gems is no exception. All that is needed is a modern browser and an Internet connection, and players will be able to play the game from anywhere. Wizard of Gems is also available for free, where players will receive a fixed amount of credits upon loading the game up that can be used until depleted. For real money versions of the game, players are able to start spinning for just a few cents per spin.

Playing Wizard of Gems

Almost all the symbols apart from the wild and scatter are made up of different gemstones. The gemstones have unique values, ranging from low to high values, which are added to the total calculations when the player manages to land a successful combination. It is highly recommended that the player check the paytable display before starting the game, as here players can learn about the values of the symbols, the potential combinations that can land, as well as the general rules of the game. Once the player has a fair understanding of the mechanics, bets can be made and the game started.

The cascading reels feature of Wizard of Gems is a player favourite, as it allows for multiple successful rounds in a row. As a combination is revealed, the symbols within that combination will disappear, and new symbols will fall from the top, giving a much higher chance for even more combinations without having to start a new round. Additionally, the cascading reels also add a persistent multiplier to the total bet that can grow per spin, starting at 2x and going up as high as 5x.

Wizard of Gems Bonus Content

The main bonus feature of Wizard of Gems comes in the form of a special 3 star scatter symbol. Players will need to land at least three scatters across the reels in order to activate the bonus, which is made up of two parts. Firstly, players will automatically receive ten free spins which begin immediately. During the free spins, the second part of the bonus activates where the reels will have a wild somewhere. One wild is the minimum, and 9 wilds are the maximum. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols in Wizard of Gems.

Wizard of Gems Verdict

Although Wizard of Gems does not come standard with as many bonus features as other online slot games, the main game should be enough to keep players happy. Cascading reels, free spins, and a guaranteed wild during free spins are all in place to improve core gameplay.

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Wild North

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Wild North Slots Review

Wild North is an online slot game set deep in the cold north, and includes all the different kinds of animals that can be found in such a place. The background of the game shows a thick forest, coated in deep snow, while another layer of snow covers the ground. The symbols themselves add to the overall cold and northern tone of the game, where players can find owls, bears, wolves, elk, and the Northern Lights. All the buttons in the game are also white and icy, making Wild North a game that will appeal to those who prefer the cold to the heat.

Wild North is powered by software developer Play N Go, and is made up of 5 reels and 40 paylines. There are plenty of bonus features included, along with a jackpot of up to 12.5x. Free versions of Wild North can be found on various casino websites, where players are given an amount of credit that they can use to play as much as they wish in order to get a feel of the game. Real money versions of Wild North are also available, and can be found on the same websites.

How To Play Wild North

Wild North is fairly easy to learn, and new players should not have too much difficulty learning the various mechanics. The first thing a player should do is check the paytable. Here, rules of the game, the uses of the symbols, and the potential combinations can be seen, and can give the player a better overall understanding of how slot machines work.  Beneath the reels is the betting selection screen, where the player can choose how much they would like to wager per spin. Every wager is taken from the total amount, and when multipliers are triggered, they are added to the wager for that spin.

Wild North Bonus Content

The most appealing aspect of Wild North is its broad bonus content, which contains multiple mini games that can be triggered while playing the base game. To activate the bonus content, the player will first need to land three or more scatters, which are the Northern Lights symbols. Once triggered, a small wheel will appear and begin to spin, and the bonus mini game of there the wheel stops will start. There are 7 mini games that can be activated, and each comes with its own unique prizes that are awarded to the player upon completion.

One example is The Great Wilderness, where the player can receive three free spins as well as 4×4 symbols that become available on the reels. Another example is Savage Bear, and once triggered, the player receives one free spin and the chance to land a multiplier of up to a maximum of 30x. One more example is The Wild Lynx, and here players can get three free spins and two wilds that are added to the reels at random. Despite the brief nature of the bonus games, they can be triggered often enough to allow the player some big earnings.

Wild North Verdict

The many bonus features in Wild North will make it a popular choice for many players.


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slots casino

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Tonnes of Possibility with Slots Casino Games

Playing slot machine games has been a big part of the casino industry for a good long while and in the process has become regarded as one of the more crucial players in this gaming industry. Part of what has made slots casino games the big name player it has become today is its inherent possibility for change, which allows for all manner of different slot games style for players all over the world and with varying levels of wallet. Another factor that has definitely played a part of this growth, particularly in the last few years, is the online environment. This has allowed for players and developers of these slot games to come together on a level unable to before and the growth of this neatly aligned supply and demand chain has definitely has been quite ridiculous.

Overall, even players who are not familiar with slots casino games or don’t find them all too appealing can discover that there is just so much variety involved in this type of game that there may still be a good couple of these sorts that they might enjoy.

The Different Variety with Slot Casino Games

As those familiar with the game may be aware, a slot fundamentally consists of spinning a set of reels to match up certain combinations of symbols and through this win returns and jackpots. The gameplay in such slot casino games is also really easy to understand and follow, even with the more advanced games as the central pillar still remains the reels and symbols thereon so players can quickly figure out most of the rest. That being said, there are a good couple of aspects, pretty much most of them, that can be fiddled and directed so as to create something different on the reels.

These aspects include the likes of the number of reels, the way these reels spin, number of pay lines crossing these reels, betting options, theme and of course the bonus features. This is quite a list, and in truth there are a lot of very similar slots casino games, however because of this capability of change these games still harbour a lot of potential and since new games are constantly being released there is bound to be games, if not circulating right now, for every kind of particular player preference.

Online Casino Slots versus Offline Slot Machines

The online versus offline battle has been quite a hard fought one as of late, but from an objective stand point what does each side of this casino gaming coin bring to the party. Now in truth slots casino games are one of the rare casino related games that are not necessarily particularly different as an online or offline version, which means that a preferable option for a purely slot game player may actually be to go online rather, simply because of the easy accessibility and wider variety found on the internet.

Ultimately though, this is one of those conflicts that can only be settled by the individual players, choosing what they prefer rather than any other defining factors. Overall though, slots casino games can be fun anywhere with the right state of mind, and that state of mind is made all the better by big wins and exciting bonuses.

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Slotomania – Alternative To The Facebook App

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Slotomania – Alternative To The Facebook App

The developer of Slotomania, Playtika, has seen a gap in the entertainment market and they took it! This is how Slotomania became the popular Facebook app it is today, by developing a quality product and taking that gap in the market.

Slotomania – alternative to the Facebook app, has taken the social media platform by storm because this application has finally brought games to the table that is fun to play, is somewhat challenging and alternative to the boring Facebook games we play and know.

How To Get Started With Slotomania

If you are a social giant that likes playing Facebook games, you would have heard about Slotomania – Alternative to the Facebook App. Even though Slotomania operates in a very similar manner to other Facebook games, this is definitely the application of tomorrow.

Players have to take note that you play in a cyber currency, thus Slotomania does not offer real cash games, but the fun is still all the same!

When you open the application, you will be granted 500 coins as a welcoming gift. This pp also has a feature where your virtual currency is boosted every 4 hours. They objective of Slotomania – alternative to the Facebook App, is to advance to different levels of the game and unlocking different slot rooms, and not to win cash prizes.

The entry level slot is called Farm Fortune, and it is the best suited slot to get you going and coming back for more.  The symbols of this slot are an array of fruit, tractors, scarecrows and flowers. This social media slot works similar to online slots, with 9 paylines and bonus features, free spins as well as Wild symbols.

How Do I Play Slotomania For Real Money?

Slotomania – alternative to the Facebook app can unfortunately not be played for cash at all, and the cyber currency and coins you win can also not be exchanged for real money, but you can however buy more coins to play on Slotomania using your credit card. As you know, you do get 500 coins for free, but if you want to play it big on Slotomania – Alternative to the Facebook app, you will purchase virtual coins by paying 10 coins real money for 12 000 virtual coins.

Do not be disappointed because you cannot play Slotomania for real cash, because there is quite a few online casinos that offer real money games similar to the slots you would find on Slotomania.

Real Money Online Slots

Slotomania offers a range of Egyptian themed slots, but Queen of the Desert online slot is a very popular online slot that offers great rewards and payouts, and is available in most countries around the world. This is a great Slotomania – Alternative to the Facebook App.

You can also try out the Civil Treasures online slot that will take you a real money adventure of a lifetime.

As an additional Slotomania – Alternative to the Facebook App, players can also try the Elvis online slot. This online slot will bring you hours of entertainment and the bonus features will make you smile even more with lucrative winnings and good quality graphics.

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Slot Magic Goes Mobile This Week

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Slot Magic Goes Mobile This Week

Slot Magic is a huge name in the casino industry, and since they have rebranded a while back, they have made great effort to become one of the top casinos. Slot Magic goes mobile this week by launching their very first mobile casino, featuring all the greatest and most played slots this brand has to offer.The Slot Magic casino is supported by IOS and Android devices and smartphones , and the online version of Slot Magic is web based.

What Does Slot Magic Have To Offer?

Diversity is the key to success in this day and age, and this is a thing SkillOnNet has realised and that is the reason Slot Magic goes mobile this week. SkillOnNet is the developer that owns Slot Magic, and they have realised that diversity is the way forward. They have realised that no casino will survive thinking that their own games will sell themselves to such an extent that they will flourish. The key to every successful casino is diversity, and this is the very reason why SkillOnNet has collaborated with other developers like WMS, Barcrest, NextGen and Amaya to bring you an online casino that offers all the games you’d ever want to play, and more. You can keep a look out for your favourite slots as Slot Magic goes mobile this week.

NextGen Slots On Offer

Since Slot Magic goes on mobile this week, this is your chance to get a head start by knowing what you can watch out for. Slot Magic goes mobile this week with the launch of their brand new mobile app featuring 24 top class slots to take for a spin.

NextGen’s biggest slot online is called Judge Dreed, and this slot is part of the 24 slot that is launched when Slot Magic goes mobile this week. You can also expect to play some other huge slot names by NextGen called Merlin’s Millions, Foxin Wins and 1 Can 2 Can.

Other Game Developers To Keep An Eye Out For

WMS has made a great effort to make their slots available to mobile players. When Slot Magic goes mobile this week, you will recognise the Kronos and Zeus games from the WMS portfolio and can now enjoy it on your mobile.

It seems like Amaya and Aristocrat have also already entered into the mobile market by looking at ways to do their mobile conversions. The latest of these developments includes the fact that Slot Magic goes mobile this week, and these two developers have partnered with Slot Magic, not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to infiltrate the mobile market.

Slot Magic Online Interface

Slot Magic goes mobile this week, and for this very reason we are filling in the players on what games are worth it and just review the online portal in a whole.

You can create your own log in and password, and you will now have an active profile on this portal. You can view what new games have been added onto the online casino, and you can view everything in 3D vision.

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Slot machine free games

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Slot Machine Free Games Online

Online slots have become known as one of the most convenient alternatives to traditional land-based slot machines. First developed when the internet was invented during the 1990’s, online slot games offer versatile gaming to players, both while they are on the move and also while they’re playing at home.

Online slots players are not restricted to playing at a physical casino, and can thus play practically anywhere with an internet connection. This allows busy players to play slots using their computers, tablets and smartphones, both for real money and for free. There are certain benefits to playing real money slots, but slot machine free games have numerous unique benefits for online players as well.

Free Online Slots for Casual Players

Slot machine free games are a suitable option for casual slots players. For those who wish to experience playing slots but do not want to spend their cash, there is a wide variety of slot machine free games from leading developers available online.

These games offer the same graphics, animations and features as real money slots, but offer no risk to players. Most online casinos also offer slot machine free games with unlimited free credits so that players can play for as long as they wish, without having to register an account or deposit cash.

Practice Slots Free of Charge

The next use of slot machine free games is practice. Many online players would like to play slots and learn more about them before they wager their own money. Slot machine free games allow these players to play slots in a completely risk-free environment, enabling them to learn how to play without the added pressure of losing money.

By playing slot machine free games online, players can become familiar with how slots work, different payout structures and different slots variations before they start to play real money slots at their casino.

Test Different Slots and Developers

Slot machine free games may also be helpful for players who want to try many developers’ slots. There is a wide range of online slots software developers on the web, and each of these companies creates games with unique themes, symbols and bonus features. Playing slot machine free games online is a simple way to try out games from different developers, and players can choose which games they prefer to play for real money this way.

Playing slot machine free games at a specific online casino will also allow players to learn more about the casino, including their bonus offers, banking methods and customer support. This may help players to decide whether or not they want to sign up to play real money slots with that casino in the future.

No Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

Players who have tried slot machine free games and want to try real money games can also do so using a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses and no deposit free spins are common bonuses at online casinos, and will be awarded without players having to deposit cash into their player accounts.

Using these bonuses, players can play real money online slots at no cost to them. They can also claim any winnings won with the bonuses, provided they’ve met their online casino’s terms and conditions.

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Slot Machine

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Playing Slot Machine Games Online

Slot machine games have been popular at land-based casinos for many decades. Slots first appeared at land-based casinos soon after the first slot machine was invented during the 1800’s. This slot machine was the Liberty Bell, an invention that was soon installed in pubs, saloons and casinos throughout North America.

Slot machine games have come a long way since their invention, and there is a wide variety of different slots for players to choose from today. This range includes 3 reel and 5 reel slot machines, video slots, Megaspin slots and even progressive slots with continuously growing jackpots.

The Advantages of Online Slots Gaming

Slot machine games are still very common at land-based casinos, but many slots players have been converted to a different gaming platform. Online casinos are the newest way to play slot machine and casino games, and they are generally more versatile than land-based casinos.

Online players can play slot machine games anywhere with an internet connection using their computers, tablets or even smartphones. This instant play means that online casino players don’t have to travel to land-based casinos to play slot machine games, nor do they have to wait for their favourite slot machine to become available to play.

Optimised Online Slot Machine Software

Thanks to the popularity of online slot machine games, almost every online casino offers online slots in their collections. Many software developers have created their own unique slot machine games for online play, and a number of well-known land based slots have been converted into online slots as well.

These slot machine games are optimised for a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs, allowing any online player to play them for free or for real money. Players can download these games onto their devices or play instantly from their browsers, depending on their chosen casino’s available software.

Free and Real Money Slot Machine Games

One of the most notable benefits of playing slot machine games online is the ability to play both free and real money games. Free slot machine games allow players to try out different software styles and slots games before they sign up to play for real money.

Once they do, built-in bonus features like free spins, mini games and random jackpots will help to ensure that players can enjoy fair winning odds when playing online slot machine games.

Online Slots Banking and Bonuses

If players wish to play real money slot machine games, playing at a reputable online casino is important. This way, players can expect regulated payout percentages and RNG in their slot machine games to ensure fair chances of winning. Other useful features at certified online casinos include secure banking and customer support, allowing players to control all of their slots winnings and deposits from a single player account.

Playing for real money will often see players being awarded casino welcome bonuses, free spins promotions and more, as well as casino loyalty points and giveaways. Free slot machine players can also use no deposit bonuses to try real money slot machine games before wagering their own cash online.

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Dragon’s Myth slot

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The Dragon’s Myth Slot Is the Story of Four Bad Dragons

The Dragon’s Myth slot is set in some beautiful mountainous and craggy land in the north somewhere, where the land is plagued by four evil dragons. There is a feisty red haired girl as one of the symbols, who is designed to fight the dragons with her bow and arrow, and who celebrates each win of the player with a little dance. The symbols, like in all Rabcat games, are inspired and detailed, from the red lizard to the gigantic dragons that have to be found.

This Game Will Suit All Players

Despite the adventure the Dragon’s Myth slot offers players, everyone who enjoys playing slots games will find many appealing features, whether he plays for small stakes or big stakes. Dragon’s Myth slot has five transparent reels, through which one can see the attractive backdrop, with three rows and twenty fixed pay lines.

There are some interesting and innovative bonus games on offer in Dragon’s Myth slot game. Four different dragons represent the high value symbols in Dragon’s Myth slot, and the lower value symbols are made up with the standard playing cards, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The Wild is the girl’s face, and like all Wilds can replace any of the other symbols except for the Scatter. The Free spins icon will activate the main feature of the game.


Various Lucrative and Interesting Features

The Spin button doubles as a way for the player to keep track on how many dragons he has captured. While play is in operation, the bottom right square acts as a metal cage, and if the player lands a dragon icon on that square, one of the four bars around the Spin button will light up. If all four dragons are captured and put into cages, there will be a good cash payout, and the feature will reset. Moreover, if the player is lucky enough to form a winning combination with one of the Dragon icons, there will be a short video of the dragon running right at him.

The free spins bonus round is one of the most exciting features of Dragon’s Myth slot. If the player lands on three, four or five of the free spins symbols anywhere on the reels, he will trigger ten, fifteen or twenty free spins respectively. During the free spins round, the player can still form winning combinations not only the regular way from left to right, but wins from right to left are also possible. This feature can certainly increase the player’s chances of winning a big payout. During the free spins round, the free spins symbol will also become a bonus symbol, and can unlock the Dragon’s Cave feature.

The Exciting Dragon’s Cave Feature

The player will be taken to this feature, the Dragon’s Cave, by the girl pedalling through the air in a flying contraption. The player may then choose which of the flaming symbol on reels two and four that he wants to remain a fixed Wild throughout the next three free spins. This feature can also be reactivated, which can bring even more wins, and make the red haired girl dance for joy again.

Dragon’s Myth slot also has the Win and gamble feature. After each win, the player has the option of choosing either the yellow or blue egg. If the right one is chosen the total bet will be doubled, but if the guess is incorrect all wins will be lost.



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Titan Storm slot

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Titan Storm Online Slot Game Examined

Titan Storm slot is an online slot game that has 243 ways to win instead of selectable pay lines. The game was developed by NextGen Gaming and has a Greek mythological theme based on the titan gods. The five reels are set on a background view of a magical landscape at the foot of mount Olympus and features mythological gods and creatures upon the reels.

Titan Storm slot has an auto play feature and a gamble feature. The auto play feature sets the reels in motion without any interruptions for a predetermined number of times. This feature is adjustable and can be stopped at any time. The gamble feature comes into play after any winning combination. The winning amount can be gambled to either double or quadruple the amount. To win this feature a correct guess of what colour a playing card is or what suit the playing card is will double or quadruple the winning amount respectively.

The Ways to Win Betting Options

The 243 ways to win feature generally means the winning combinations can run in any direction as long the symbols match three to five times in a row. Titan Storm slot is a twenty five coin slot which means the coin size that is selected is multiplied by twenty five. With the coin sizes ranging in values from as little as 0.01 up to the maximum of 2.00, the game is suitable for both casual players and high rollers.


Titan Storm Symbols and Pay Outs

The highest valued standard symbols upon the Titan Storm slot reels are the beautiful goddesses who need to appear five times in a row to award 2 000 times the stake. Mythological beasts pay out up to 500 times the stake for five in a row and swords and masks will pay out up to 200 times the stake.

The lower valued symbols are represented by ornate playing card icons. Three to five of these symbols pay out 10 to 100 times the stake irrespective of the playing card value.

The Titan Storm Slot Bonus Symbols

When the titan king appears on the reels he assists in forming winning combinations where possible by acting as a substitute for any of the other symbols. The titan king wild symbol unusually also substitutes for the scatter symbol to assist in scatter combinations. The golden door symbol is the Titan Storm slot scatter symbol. Three or more of these scatter symbols appearing on the reels will result in a pay out of up to fifty times the stake.

Titan Storm Free Spins Bonus Round

Both the wild symbols and the scatter symbols only ever appear on the second, third and fourth reels and when they do the Titan Storm slot free spins bonus round feature is triggered. Ten free spins are awarded and any five of a kind combinations landing on the reels during the free spin bonus round are multiplied by five. It is possible to re-trigger the free spins bonus round feature if another combination of three or more scatter symbols or wilds land on the reels.

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