Spin Sorceress slot

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Spin Sorceress Online Slot Game

Spin Sorceress slot has 243 ways to win, as opposed to the standard pay lines, which can be found on the five reel and three row setup. Winning combinations are still three or more matching symbols landing in a row which can be formed with the help of wilds and scatter symbols result in free spins. This online slot game is a product of NextGen Gaming and features superbet technology and a gamble feature which can double or quadruple any winning amount by correctly guessing the colour or suit of a playing card that will be revealed.

The theme of Spin Sorceress slot is based on a sultry blue haired Sorceress and features magical talismans and a spiritual wolf. The online slot game is set on a view of snow covered mountains and the graphics have an icy feel.

Spin Sorceress Slot Symbols and Pay Outs

The Spin Sorceress slot symbols that pay out the lower values start with the nine; ten and jack playing card icons. These symbols pay out anything from 5 coins to 50 coins when three to five symbols land in a row. The symbols displaying the queen; king and ace playing card icons pay out anything from 10 coins to 100 coins for three to five consecutive symbols.


The themed symbols include a magical purple plant; a blue sceptre; a crystal ball and a spiritual wolf. These symbols need to land three to five times to pay out anything from 20 coins up to the maximum of 500 coins which is won for five of the spiritual wolf symbols.

Spin Sorceress Wilds and Scatter Symbols

The Sorceress herself represents the Spin Sorceress slot wild symbol. The wild symbol will only ever show up on the second, third and fourth reels. The role of the wild symbol is to act as a substitute for any other symbol when a winning combination is possible but it will not act as a scatter symbol. An image of the Sorceress may appear in front of the middle reels and turn either one; two or three of the reels entirely wild.

The scatter symbol is the ornate silver plate with a magic blue jewel which pays out amounts of 2 coins; 10 coins or 50 coins when it lands three; four or five times respectively. The scatter symbol is also responsible for activating the Spin Sorceress slot free spins bonus round feature.

The Free Spins and Superbet Features

Three or more of the scatter symbols activate the free spins bonus round feature where ten free spins are awarded. During the free spins bonus round the Sorceress appears to turn one to three of the middle reels entirely wild for each free spin. If the scatter symbol lands another three or more times while a free spin is in play then another batch of ten free spins are awarded.

The Spin Sorceress slot superbet feature has five levels with various multipliers ranging from 2x up to 50x for every wild symbol win. These multipliers do require higher levels of bets ranging from 25 to 500 coins.

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An Evening with Holly Madison slot

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An Evening with Holly Madison Slot

Holly Madison is a former Playboy bunny who was married to Hugh Hefner and has become a well-known reality television personality and best-selling author. Her fame led NextGen Gaming to develop An Evening with Holly Madison slot that features the former Playboy bunny in a seductive theme.

The intro to An Evening with Holly Madison slot features a seductive invitation where she asks you to come and play while appropriate music plays in the background. The online slot game is played on a five reel setup that features thirty pay lines and a variety of bonus features. Coin values start at values of a minimum denomination of 0.01 and go up to the maximum denomination of 2.00.


The Online Slot Symbols and Pay Outs

The symbols relate to the theme of An Evening with Holly Madison slot and literally portray a luxurious night on the town. The Holly queens and an ace symbols are the ones to look out for as they pay out 2 000 times the stake when landing five consecutive times on an active pay line. The other themed symbols include a red sports car; masks; stilettos; poker dice and more. These symbols pay out anything from 5 times to 1 000 times the stake when landing three to five times in a row on an active pay line.

Standing in as the traditional playing card icons are the suits instead of values. The spades; clubs; diamonds and hearts are 3D and represent the lower valued symbols. Three to five of the suit icons will pay out 5 times to 100 times the stake.

Holly Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbols

Holly herself is An Evening with Holly Madison slot game’s wild symbol that will stand in as a replacement for any of the other symbols, apart from the scatters, when a winning combination is possible. Wild Holly only ever shows up on the second, third and fourth reels and when she does she expands to cover the entire reel.

The Holly text represents the scatter symbol that pays out 25x; 50x; 125x or 1 250x when two; three; four or five of them land on the reels. Two scatters award the rocking re-spin feature while three or more activate the free spins bonus round.

Holly Madison’s Online Slot Bonus Features

When two scatter symbols land on the reels the re-spins feature comes into play. Both of the scatter symbols hold in position for a re-spin to offer the potential of gaining a third and activating the free spins bonus round feature.

The free spins bonus round in An Evening with Holly Madison slot issues ten free spins when three or more scatters land on the reels. During the free spins the lipstick kiss symbols may show up on the fifth reel. These symbols allow access into the photo shoot bonus game that is played at the end of the free spins bonus round. This photo shoot bonus game is where Holly tries on different outfits. If she likes an outfit she blows a kiss, and the more kisses collected the bigger the prizes are.

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Spanish Eyes slot

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Spanish Eyes Slot Review

The Spanish eyes slot machine game, created by NextGen, is a simple but rewarding online slot machine game. It features a five reel, twenty five line play system, and is based around an enchanting theme. The graphics are well created, but the sound and music of the game is where the real charm lies.

An ambience of Spanish nightlife accompanies play, and each spin of the real is marked by the chords of a classic Spanish guitar. If anything, the game is worth a try, simply to appreciate the relaxing ambience it provides. The game may be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer, and laptop.


Standard Game Play Tiles

Fitting with the theme, the Spanish Eyes slot machine game features tiles based around Spanish culture. The tiles include castanets, a guitar, and a fan, as well as the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The fan is the most valuable standard tile, and if matched with itself five times will pay out relatively well. Take note of the bonus tiles, however, as this is where the real money in the game can be found.

Special Bonus Feature Tiles

In the Spanish Eyes slot machine game, the wild tile is a beautiful Spanish woman. She may be matched with any other tile to form a winning sequence, standing as substitute for a missing tile. The player may get, for example, two aces and a Spanish woman, to achieve a three ace win. The scatter icon in this game is the flower, and if matching with itself will trigger the free spins sequence.

Twelve free spins are granted, during which each win pays out triple the usual amount. Plus, if flowers are matched again during the sequence, free spins are compounded and added to the total. A huge amount can be made during a free spin sequence, and the player should hope to see as many flowers as is possible. If you would like more details about the winning sequences and special tiles, please click the info button.

Spanish Eyes – Basic Game Rules

The Spanish Eyes slot machine game uses a five reel, twenty five pay line system. In order to start, the player must first make an initial upfront bet. To change the bet, use the arrows near the bottom of the screen. In this game, however, the player must also decide how many lines to bet on, which may also be changed via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Remember that the more lines bet on, the higher the initial bet will be, but the higher the chances of achieving a winning sequence. This system is flexible, and should be played with throughout the game to experiment with cost versus winning percentage. Once a bet is settled on, the player must spin the reels, which is done via the button at the bottom right of the screen. The reels will stop, and winning sequences will automatically be paid out. Payouts made are determined by the value of the matching sequence. If any bonus tiles are matched, they will also automatically be paid out accordingly.

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Merlins Magic Respins slot

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Wizard Fun In Merlins Magic Respins

The Merlins Magic Respins slot machine game, created by NextGen, is a charming experience, sure to delight both veteran and casual punters alike. It features a fully animated character, who reacts to the progress of the game, and even offers a helping hand. It is worth giving the game a chance, even if just to marvel at the obvious amounts of work that has gone into creating it. Using a five reel, fifty betting line system, wins are frequent and the action fast paced.

The special features of the game, however, as well as the outstanding graphics and soundtrack, make the game stand apart from similar online slot machines. You may play the game on mobile phone, tablet, and home computer, with the option to play for free or real money.


Detailed How To Play

The Merlins Magic Respins slot machine game functions via the classic casino slot machine rules. This requires that a player first make an initial wager, which can be changed via the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Once a wager is decided upon, the reels must be spun via the appropriate button, at the bottom right of the screen.

The reels will be set into motion. Once the reels stop, and tiles are displayed, sequences will automatically be matched, if any should appear. Payouts will be made according to the value of the sequence. Continue for as long as you like, making adjustments as you prefer. The Merlins Magic Respins slot machine game also has the super bet function, which alters how the game will progress dramatically. Read on to learn how this special feature impacts the game.

Special and Bonus Features

The Merlins Magic Respins slot machine game has three distinct special features. The first is Merlin himself, seen on the left of the screen. Occasionally, at the end of a spin sequence, Merlin will change one of the tiles to a wild. This will give a major advantage, and may produce wins where there were previously none. There is no way to increase the chances of this happening, but it is always a pleasant surprise.

The second special feature is the gamble option. This means, when any amount is won, the player may take a chance to increase that win further. Simply click the gamble button, to the left of the spin button, and a window will open, showing a face down playing card. You may guess the colour of the card, or if it is clubs, diamonds, spades or hearts. If you guess correctly, the amount will instantly be added to your already existing win. This may be repeated for as long as desired. Take the winnings by clicking the button, which will also close the window. T

he third special feature is the super bet option. By clicking Excalibur, the sword on the right of the screen, a set of multipliers will be displayed. They range from one, to five, and may be selected between spins. A higher multiplier will mean much bigger wins, but will require a larger upfront bet. It is wise to use this option according to your progress in the game.

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Extra Cash slot

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Extra Fun In Extra Cash Online Slots

The Extra Cash slot machine, designed by NextGen, is a fun, entertaining online gambling experience. It features a charming theme, based around a paper boy in the nineteen sixties. The fully animated character will appear on the left of the screen, reacting to the game in progress, and even lending a helping hand.

The music is also highly endearing, reflecting the classic sounds of the era. A five reel, fifty pay line system is used, meaning that wins are frequent. Take note that this game may be played for free, or for real money, as the payer prefers. If playing for real money, please ensure that funds are available in your account to make bets. If you need to make a deposit into your account, please use the appropriate link and have your bank account details reads.

Standard Play Tiles

The Extra Cash slot game uses a number of tiles designed to fit the theme. You will find a newspaper stand, red wagon, stack of newspapers, and old fashioned car. The car has the highest value, and if matched in a sequence at least five times with itself, has the largest standard winning payout. The real money, however, is in the special icons.


Special Bonus Tiles

There are a few special features in the Extra Cash slot machine game. This first is the paper boy himself, who will occasionally add an extra wild to the tiles, after a spin has finished. There is no way to make this happen, and the event triggers randomly, but the extra wild will almost always result in a win.

The second special feature is the scatter icon, represented by a printing press. If landing a scatter icon at least three times, a number of free spins will be granted, depending how many scatter icons match. The free spins will play out automatically, with no input required from the player. Note that more free spins may not be gathered during the sequence.

Playing Platform Options

The Extra Cash slot machine game is specifically designed to be played on a touch screen. This means that mobile phones or tablets are perfect platform options. All buttons are also operated by a single touch, and the tiles are boldly designed, meaning that even a mobile phone with a smaller screen may be used. If, however, you prefer a mouse and larger screen, a laptop or home computer is equally as catered for.

You may simply open the game in a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it will load automatically, without making a permanent download to your hard drive. Once the game has loaded, it will play in the browser. Please keep in mind, however, that the game requires the Flash software to run correctly in a browser. If the game does not open, please search for the Flash software via a search engine, and install it. The software is free, and install will take only a few moments, and you’ll be ready to play online casino games like keno & slots without any delay.

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Doubleplay Super Bet slot

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Innovative Gameplay In Doubleplay Super Bet

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game is a unique gambling experience, created by NextGen. The game utilises a number of innovative special features not seen in many slot machine games, plus has a dazzling aesthetic style and striking sound design.

On innovation and design alone, the game is worth a look and a few spins by anyone with a passion for online gambling. Immediately noticeable, upon playing the game for the first time, are two prominent extra interface windows, housed to the right of the main play area. These windows provide the unique options not often seen in online slot games.

Also noticeable is the interactive soundtrack design, which changes accordingly as the player progresses in the game. The visual design, a colourful and dazzling experience, is engaging and highly originally, making the game as a whole something player can engage for hours. To learn more about the unique bonus features, and understand how they effect game play, read on.


Tile Design

The standard play tiles in the Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game are based around traditional  casino slot machines. These include a diamond, a cherry, a seven, a bell, a star, and more. Each is boldly designed, easily recognisable, and simple to memorise.

Super Special Features And Options

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot game features a number of unique special features, all of which are an exciting innovation to standard game play. First up, seen on the top right, is the doubleplay feature. This, in a nutshell, is a multiplier option system, allowing a player to select a multiplier between spins.

The options are three times, six times, and nine times. By simply tapping, or clicking a preferred multiplier, it will go into effect, greatly increasing the value of each win. Do keep in mind, however, that activating a multiplier will also simultaneously increase the current bet. The second bonus feature, also located on the right, is the super bet feature. The player may turn on and expand super bet as they prefer, to the centre reel, centre three reels, or all reels. This will add bonus wild tiles to the reels, which massively increases the chances of creating matching sequences. Again, please be sure to keep in mind that turning super bet on will raise the bet accordingly.

Free Play Versus Real Play

The Doubleplay Super Bet slot machine game is available to play for real money, or for free, as the player prefers. Playing on your mobile phone or tablet free of charge is as easy as downloading and playing. Upon starting the game, virtual currency is given without any input required. Keep in mind though, that although the virtual currency is kept track of as if it were real, any amounts gained will not carry over to other games.

The same general guidelines apply if you prefer playing on your laptop or home computer; simply open the game in a browser to play for free. If you would like to play for real money on mobile devices or computers, simply make sure you have an active account and funds are ready for play.

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Doctor Love slot

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Overview of Doctor Love Online Slots by NextGen

The Doctor Love slot machine game, created by NextGen studios, is a simple, endearing gambling experience. It does not feature the hyper advanced graphics of some other games, but is still a highly entertaining experience, doing away with the bells and whistles in favour of streamlined play. It features a five reel, twenty play line system, and is s highly flexible in this aspect.

The player may select the number of lines on which sequences are matched, using the interface at the bottom of the screen, allowing for a level of freedom not seen in some other games. The bet amount may also be changed, meaning the real money slots player may spend more or less on the initial bet, while adjusting the chances of winning via the betting line system. This system, adjusted as the game progresses, is an engrossing experience for both veteran and casual players.


Game Theme And visuals

The Doctor Love slot machine game makes use of a highly cartoon-styled theme, based around a doctor and nurse who seem to be up to romantic mischief. Some of the tiles include a teddy bear, hospital bed, crutches, stethoscope, sick patient, and more.  The Doctor himself, a goofy man with blonde locks and a large smile, provides not only laughs for the player, but doubles as a play tile in the game. To lean what benefits he provides, read on.

Special Feature Tiles

In the Doctor Love slot machine game, there are a number of special feature tiles, which allow for major wins when matched. Doctor Love is a wild card, meaning that he may be matched with any other tile and create a winning sequence. For example, the player may get two teddy bears and Doctor Love, to create a three teddy bear win. The love meter is a scatter tile, and may be matched with itself at least three times to trigger a bonus spin sequence. In this sequence the player will be granted twenty free games, during which any win pays out triple the normal amount.

Available Play Platforms

The Doctor Love slot machine game can be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. It has been designed to take advantage of touch screens, with one touch functionality and easily identifiable tiles, so play on mobile phone and tablet is a smooth experience. Keep in mind, however, that the game may not be compatible with every model of phone.

If you find play on your phone to be awkward or unresponsive, consider playing on a tablet or home computer instead. If playing on your home computer, you may simply open the game in a browser and it will load automatically. If the game fails to load, or an error message is returned, please download the Flash software. This can be done quickly and easily, simply by searching for Flash in a search engine, then downloading the software as you do with any other program. It will automatically plug into your browser.

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5 Knights slot

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5 Knights Slot Machine Overview

The 5 Knights slot machine game, created by NextGen, is an online gambling adventure. It uses a five reel, twenty five line play system, and is based around a Knights of the Round Table theme. It is simpler in design then some other online slot machine games, but still provides an interactive soundtrack, as well as a highly innovative and unique special feature. This game is available on mobile phones, tablets, and home computer. If you wish to play on your mobile phone, simply download the application, allow it to install, and tap the icon.

Standard Play Tiles

The 5 Knights slot machine game has a set of play tiles designed around the theme. They include a knight, a maiden, a gauntlet, and a sword and axe. The knight is the most valuable, and will pay big if matched with himself five times. Take note that the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used.


5 Knights Special Features

The 5 Knights slot machine game has a special feature not often seen. It uses a slide a wild feature, which is represented by a pair of arrows near the top of the play area. This pair of arrows may be slid back and forth, where it settles above the play reel of the player’s choice. The reel will be greatly enhanced, granting extra wilds and multipliers, allowing for an exciting, unique game play experience.

The game also has a wild tile, represented by a shield, which will match with any other tile and allow a winning sequence. The third special feature, the scatter tile, represented by a castle, will grant free spins if matched with itself at least three times. During the free spins, all matching sequences are worth double. The final special feature is the gamble option. After a win is achieved, the gamble button will ignite, to the left of the spin button. By clicking this button the player has the chance to increase a win, by guessing the colour or suit of a facedown playing card. If guessing correct, the win will be increased. This may be done as long as the player prefers, and my exit by selecting the collect win button.

Free Play Or Real Play

The 5 Knights slot machine game is available to play for real or fun. You may play the game using virtual currency, simply to enjoy the graphics and sound. This may be done for as long as the player prefers, with no obligation at any point to spend real money. To do so, simply download the application and open it. Free virtual currency will be granted. Or, if you are playing on a laptop or home computer, simply open the game in a browser, and you will start with virtual currency already added. To play for real money, the player must have a valid account, and that account must be logged into. Once logged into your account, ensure you have play funds available, and start spinning. If no funds are in the account, please add funds by making a deposit, which can be done quickly and easily by clicking the appropriate link. If you have any questions about free or real play, consult the customer support centre of the website on which you play.

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Egyptian Riches slot

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Egyptian Riches Slot Overview

The long-buried treasures of Egypt are brought to light on the reels of Egyptian Riches slot by WMS. It features five reels, 20 paylines, special symbols, a bonus game, and a number of features to enhance the experience of playing it.

Set inside a palace or temple, the game’s bold graphics offer a modern twist on the classical art players are so used to seeing in games with this theme. A well laid out interface and a budget-friendly betting range make the game suitable for new and experience players, and for low and high rollers alike.

Underscoring the gameplay of spinning the reels, the bonus game, the graphics, and the animations is a soundtrack that aims to bring it all to life.

Gamble Feature

Gamble features have become a standard addition to many online slots, Egyptian Riches slot included. An optional extra, it gives players the opportunity to try double the wins they land on the reels.


The feature takes the form of a basic game in which players need to guess whether the colour of the suit of the next card to be drawn is red or black. A correct guess will double wins; an incorrect guess will lose them.

Autoplay Feature

Another feature of Egyptian Riches slot that players have the option of selecting is the Autoplay feature, which has also become standard in many video online slots.

This feature allows players to spin the reels without having to place a bet and select the Spin button each and every time. By setting the controls according to their requirements, players can set the game to play itself.

This can be done for a specific number of spins, or until other criteria are met.


A Look at the Reel Symbols

The five reels of Egyptian Riches slot feature brightly coloured themed symbols. These include a queen, a royal cartouche, a vase, an ankh, a cat, a falcon, a scarab, the god Anubis, the Eye of Ra, and the game logo.

The two special symbols on the reels are the queen and the game logo; the queen being the Feature symbol and the logo being the Wild symbol.

Game Logo Wild Symbol

Being a Wild symbol, the Egyptian Riches slot logo can help form successful pay table combinations on the reels. It does this by substituting itself for all the other reel symbols with the exception of the Feature symbol.

Queen Symbol Activates Scarab Bonus Game

The one bonus game found in Egyptian Riches slot is the Scarab Bonus. This game is activated when three or more of the queen Feature symbols appear anywhere on the reels.

In addition to activating the bonus game, the queen symbol also offers payouts when three or more appear on the reels.

At the beginning of the Scarab bonus game, players will need to select one of the five scarabs on the screen for a prize. Next, players will need to make a selection from several rare object on the Egyptian Riches slot screen.

They could reveal prizes, give players chances to make another selection, or end the bonus game.

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All about Robotnik Online Slots

Robotnik was released by Yggdrasil Gaming in 2014 and is an online video slot game with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines.  Robotnik takes place in outer space with space rocks flying around the screen.  Robotnik can be played for free at various online casinos and has the advantage of allowing players to try out the game before betting on progressive casino slots for real money.

Robotnik Symbols

Robotnik has 10 space rocks, which are the symbols. The highest paying symbol is the red space rock that will payout 500 coins for 5.  The other symbols range between 400 coins for 5 and the least payout is the brown moon rocks with green and yellow crystals jutting out and will pay out 100 coins for 5.


Normal Wild Symbol

If 3 or more of the rock symbols appear on an active payline starting from the left players will win.  If a wild symbol appears on the screen, the winnings will be paid out.  The wild symbol, a purple sphere, will then become sticky and the game will them automatically spin again and the wild symbols will remain in position.  If a new wild symbol appears on the reels during a free spin it will also become sticky with another free spin being awarded.  This round will continue until no more wild symbols appear on the reels. The normal wild will substitute for all of the other symbols.

Another Wild Symbol X 3

Robotnik also has the times 3 wild symbol, a neon pink sphere, which will substitute for all of the other symbols, as a normal wild symbol does, but it will also increase the winnings.  When any of the times 3 wild symbols appear the winnings will be multiplied by 3.  Every now and again Robotnik will appear on the screen either during a spin or after and smash into the rocks making them wild and will award players with more wins.  Any of these new wins are accumulated and a re-spin is reactivated.

The normal wild and times 3 wild will appear randomly and seem to appear quite regularly thanks to Robotnik.  Each time that Robotnik appears on the screen he will award players with a free spin.

How to Play Robotnik

The Robotnik control panel is easy to navigate.  The lines button is for players to select how many lines to play, the maximum being 40 and the coin value is for players to choose which value to play with, the maximum being 2.00.  For players who want to play using the maximum amount of paylines and maximum coin value the max bet button can be selected.  The spin button will get the reels spinning.  Robotnik has an autoplay feature for players who want the reels to spin automatically, which means no break in between spins to press the spin button.  The auotplay feature can be deactivated at any time during the game.  Players can also adjust the sound during game play and view the paytable.

Robotnik has the potential for great winnings with a normal wild and a times 3 wild and offers a jackpot of 500 coins, which can increase during the bonus round and with the appearance of Robotnik on the screen.

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